About Patrick Hotel Group

Patrick Hotel Group is a privately-held Boutique hotel & Short Term term rental firm based in Atlanta Georgia. The firm has developed, owned, and managed more than 2 million square feet of short term rentals, Resort and hotel properties in the United States, Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The company is known for developing first-class affordable short term rentals for leisure and business travelers.
Repositioning older buildings, and providing first-rate services that enhance value for investors and quality of life for tenants. Patrick Hotel Group properties are thriving, highly regarded places that sustain their appeal and profitability over time. As a result, current occupancy levels are well above industry benchmarks for the firm’s commercial and residential portfolio.

With reliable and consistent sources of capital from high-net worth individuals, local banks and private equity funds, Patrick Hotel Group, LLC has secured millions of dollars in debt and equity to finance existing properties. Patrick Hotel Group is open to new acquisition and joint venture opportunities. Please send a brief description of your offering and contact information to: Info@patrickhotelgroup.com We specialize in acquiring, adding value to, and managing Short term rentals, Hotel and resort assets in growth markets